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After the defeat in the previous away match, the Landesliga team once again reached a partial success against the SK Kriegshaber. Certainly more was possible, some opportunities were not utilized.
Although Wolfgang Kücher was heavily favored on the eighth board, he could not achieve any advantage with the white pieces. After his opponent had even missed an opportunity to win, the game was drawn (0.5:0.5). Ingo Walch (board 6) accepted an enemy pawn sacrifice, but this increased his already existing positional advantage crucial to the game win. (1.5: 0.5). Josef Ager (Brett 2) withdrew his queen out of a pin too late. He had to sacrifice two pieces for a rook, the material disadvantage could not be made up (1.5:1.5). Klaus Schwarzmeier (board 4) set a trap for his opponent in the Tarrasch Queens Gambit. As a result, Schwarzmeier could collect a weak central pawn and win the game (2.5:1.5). Martin Riediger (board 1) got into a worse position. After an inaccuracy of his opponent, he could have sacrificed a rook to get perpetual check. After missing this chance, there was no second, the game was lost (2.5:2.5). Patrick Bensch (board 3) originally sacrificed a pawn and exerted strong pressure on the queenside. The benefits proved to be difficult to exploit, and after the return of the investment, the game was balanced (3.0:3.0). Hans Wagner's (Brett 5) opponent refused a draw offer in a balanced position and thus forced himself to play "creatively" for victory. He allowed a tactical trick which Wagner won two pieces for a rook with. The material gain was enough for victory (4.0:3.0). In the opening, Karl-Heinz Jergler (board 7) lost a pawn. Although he defended his position tenaciously, he had to resign in the rook endgame on move 74 (4.0:4.0).
After this feeble draw, the Rottalers remain in the now shared third place. In the fifth round on January 20, 2019, the team is going to run at the currently penultimate team of the table, SC Unterhaching.

In the Niederbayernliga, the second team is unbeaten with 6:2 match points in third place. In the fourth round it achieved a 4:4 draw at SC Vilshofen. Andreas Nöhbauer and Ante Deno scored a full point. Klaus Wiedmann, Wolfgang Söder, Andreas Klinge and Harald Seelentag drew.
SC Vilshofen - SC Rottal-Inn II 4.0:4.0: Peter Eizenhammer - Klaus Wiedmann ½: ½, Andreas Göde - Andreas Siemens 1:0, Ludwig Eineder - Andreas Nöhbauer 0:1, Jürgen Wimmer - Wolfgang Söder ½: ½, Gerhard Schönbuchner - Ante Deno 0:1, Christian Stutzke - Andreas Klinge ½: ½, Günther Mauritz - Gerhard Angermeier 1:0, Georg Papara - Harald Seelentag ½: ½.

In the Bezirksliga West, the third team lost by 2.5:5.5 against the FC Ergolding Il. Only Andreas Putz on board two could win his game. Georg Putz, Franz Gisnapp and Andreas Jungwirth drew. With 2:4 match points, the team is in 5th place.
SC Rottal-Inn III - FC Ergolding II 2.5:5,5: Georg Putz - Anton Königl ½: ½, Andreas Putz - Patrick Sowka 1:0, Stefan Jungwirth - Anton Kosinga 0:1, Christian Putz - Johann Kollmeder 0:1, Dr. Ing. Hans-Ulrich Rueß - Paul Hofmann 0:1, Franz Gisnapp - Wilfried Jagst ½: ½, Jakob Schäfer - Rafael Sowka 0:1, Andreas Jungwirth - Simon Lichtinger ½: ½.


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