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18-year-old student scores 5 points from 5 rounds at the district championship

Fast thinkers in demand: Simon Rueß won the first Rottal Youth Rapid Chess Championship. The 18-year-old student from Pfarrkirchen scored five points from five rounds. Second placed Aramis Slawik (14 / also Pfarrkirchen) reached four points and lost only to the eventual winner. Maximilian Hausleitner (Falkenberg) scored three points and finished third. Fourth placed Anna-Maria König (Pfarrkirchen) finished with two points and won the girls' trophy. Luca Amann (Falkenberg) took fifth place. The youngest participant at 11 reached one point. Each player had 15 minutes per game at the tournament in the Eggenfelden sports restaurant; children and adolescents under the age of 20 residing in the Rottal-Inn district were eligible to participate. Youth leaders Gerhard Angermeier and Eva-Maria Kainz from Chess Club Rottal-Inn looked after the youngsters, patron Josef König directed the tournament.

Final standings: 1. Simon Rueß (Pfarrkirchen) 5.0 points / 12.0 tiebreak / 5 rounds; 2. Aramis Slawik (Pfarrkirchen) 4.0 / 11.5; 3. Maximilian Hausleitner (Falkenberg) 3.0 / 11.5; 4. Anna-Maria König (Pfarrkirchen) 2.0 / 12.0; 5. Luca Amann (Falkenberg) 1.0 / 14.

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