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After the trend-setting encounter with MSA Zugzwang 2, the top of the table has come out of reach for the Chess Club Rottal-Inn's first team. Taking sixth place after the 3.5:4.5 defeat, there is still some distance to the relegation zone, but one more point is needed in the last three matches. Against MSA Zugzwang 2 the match began with mixed results: Karl-Heinz Jergler's opponent (board 7) weakened his pawn structure on the kingside after the opening. After the win of a pawn, the game was decided (1.0:0.0). The usually very combative Andreas Wahrlich (board 5) agreed to a draw in a balanced position  (1.5:0.5). Ingo Walch (board 6) replied with a rare but playable line to the Reti opening. In the middle game, Walch misplaced his bishop and pawn, allowing his opponent to tactically create a decisive passed pawn (1.5:1.5).

Patrick Bensch (board 2) had reached already a winning position with a strong attack. The game turned when Bensch sacrificed a knight hoping to win a pawn. The recovery of the material would have cost a rook in return (1.5:2.5). Gerhard Spiesberger (board 8) also had a winning position in a double knight endgame with his distant passed pawns. He played too timidly and allowed the enemy king to march to the center in time, which ensured the draw (2.0: 3.0). Hans Wagner (board 4) was piloted into a rare line of the Pirc defense and played too passively. His opponent was able to successfully carry out a pawn storm on Wagner's not castled king (2.0:4.0). With luck, Josef Ager (board 2) survived a very strong king attack, unleashed by his opponent, and then kept his extra piece (3.0:4.0).

At this point, Martin Riediger (board 1) had to settle with a repetition of moves in a pawn endgame. His opponent missed a decisive winning idea and so they split the point (3.5:4.5). The exploitation of chances by both teams was very poor. The loss of points could prove bitter in the final struggle to avoid relegation. In any case, the first team's remaining opponents will not be easier. In Pfarrkirchen on March 1st, the Rottal chess players host the third-placed SK Tarrasch München.

The second team achieved a curious result in their away match at TV Geiselhöring. All eight games ended in a draw, so the match finished 4:4.

At the second clash in the Kreisklasse West between the teams from chess Club Rottal-Inn 4 and SV Aham, the Rottalers achieved a 3:1 home win. On board 1, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rueß forced a mate against Oliver Wöstmann and scored the first point. A strong attack, initiated by Andreas Erhardsberger on board 3, could not be repelled by the Ahamer Hans Huber and was soon lost. On board 4, Werner Decker and Hans Meier agreed on a draw. On board 2, Andreas Haider declined several draw offers from Konrad Maier. After the time control, an endgame with one pawn and one knight each arised on the board, which finally ended in a draw.

Youth team beats Deggendorf

Chess Club Rottal-Inn's youth team defeated the guest team from the second bundesliga club SV Deggendorf in the Jugend-Niederbayernliga by 2.5:1.5 and is now in fourth place. Aramis Slawik was unable to hold the game after losing material, so the guests took the 0:1 lead. On board 3, Leander Putz played a flawless game and equalized with a convincing victory to 1:1. On board 2, Maximilian Hausleitner agreed after several exchanges, resulting in a balanced position, with his opponent on a draw (1.5:1.5). On board 1, Simon Ruess lived up to his role as favorite. In a complicated position, he realized a decisive material gain and secured the team victory (2.5:1.5).

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