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After two defeats in a row, the chess goddess was no longer quite as kind to the Rottaler brain gamers. In the seventh round of the Landesliga Süd, the little bit of luck should turn again in favor of the local chess players.
Josef Ager (board two) won a pawn after a high tempo in the game. He converted this material advantage safely (1.0:0.0).
With his special line against the Queen's Gambit, Ingo Walch (board 7) played a brilliant game in furious attacking style and also won (2.0:0.0).
In view of the favorable score for the team, Martin Riediger (board 1) accepted in a better position the draw offer of the Ukrainian Grandmaster Andrej Maksimenko (Elo 2484) (2.5:0.5).
Karl-Heinz Jergler (board 8) reached a minor piece endgame, in which both sides had the bishop pair. Due to the space disadvantage, Jergler still had to exercise accuracy until he led the game to a draw (3.0:1.0).
Patrick Bensch (board 3) missed in a liquidation that he loses a piece for some initiative. After an inaccurate defense of his opponent, Bensch was able to hunt down the enemy king with his queen and rooks and to win the game (4.0:1.0).
Klaus Schwarzmeier (board 4) positioned his queen in the center. After a mistake his opponent could confine the strongest piece. Although Schwarzmeier got off comparatively well with a rook and a bishop in exchange, his pieces were too passive to save the game (4.0:2.0).
In the opening, Hans Wagner's (board 5) opponent sacrificed a pawn in Volga Gambit style. Wagner had to decline a draw offer at that moment due to the score, but got outplayed on the queenside and lost the game (4.0:3.0).
Andreas Wahrlich (board 6) had very good winning chances over long distances of the middle game. To ensure the team victory, he accepted the draw in a still better endgame (4.5:3.5).
The Rottaler advance with this success in fifth place and have a margin of three points to the relegation places with two rounds remaining.
On March 24 at home in the FarmFacts building (Rennbahnstraße 7), the team awaits the chess friends of the SC Gröbenzell, who certainly want to maintain their chances of promotion as third in the table.

In the Niederbayernliga, the chess club Rottal-Inn's second team achieved a 4:4 draw against the table neighbors SK Landau Dingolfing. Reinhard Rund (board 5) and Simon Rueß (board eight) scored a full point. Klaus Wiedmann (board 1), Norbert Frühauf (2), Andreas Nöhbauer (4), Andreas Klinge (7) drew their games.
SK Landau-Dingolfing 1 - SC Rottal-Inn 2 4:4: Florian Huber - Klaus Wiedmann ½: ½, Christoph Schultes - Norbert Frühauf ½: ½, Alexander Hirtreiter - Andreas Siemens 1:0, Johann Theiß - Andreas Nöhbauer ½: ½, Helmut Fuchsgruber - Reinhard Rund 0:1, Michael Gehr - Wolfgang Söder 1:0, Manuel Albrecht - Andreas Klinge ½: ½, Rudolf Senff - Simon Rueß 0:1.
In the Niederbayernliga, the second team is fourth placed with 7 team points and 26.5 game points.
In the Bezirksliga West, the third team lost 3:5 against SC Straubing 2. Ernst Putz (board 1) and Andreas Jungwirth (board 8) won their games. Gerhard Angermeier (2) and Christian Putz (5) drew.
SC Straubing 2 - SC Rottal-Inn 3 5:3: Martin Pissinger -Ernst Putz 0:1, Siegried Foierl - Gerhard Angermeier ½: ½, Marinko Jurasic - Andreas Putz 1:0, Igor Lomasov - Stephan Jungwirth 1:0, Franz Plachi- Christian Putz ½: ½, Max Holzmann - Franz Gisnapp 1:0, Ralf Dillmann - Jakob Schaefer 1:0, Sven Dillmann - Andreas Jungwirth 0:1.
With four team points and 22 game points, SC Rottal-Inn 3 is on the sixth place.
In the Kreisliga West, the fourth team had a free matchday.

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