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The start of the Landesliga Süd season was promising with two victories. After a draw and a defeat, the match against SC Unterhaching had to show the further direction. At first there seemed to be good possibilities to exploit the offered chances. Hans Wagner (board 5) played the game as usual very solid, the opponents soon agreed to a draw without "bloodshed" (0.5:0.5).
Andreas Wahrlich (board 6) had no problems to achieve equal chances. Even in the endgame, when both players had a rook and a bishop, the situation did not change, so the game concluded in a draw (1.0:1.0). Josef Ager (board 2) declined his opponent's draw offer, but in the further course of the game he had to make a draw offer himself. His position had already deteriorated, yet the opponent accepted the draw offer (1.5:1.5).
Having black, Karl-Heinz Jergler (Board 8) sacrificed a pawn for development advantage in the opening. However, he had to weaken his king's position to regain the pawn. His opponent converted this to victory (1.5:2.5).
In an effort to equalize the point deficit as quickly as possible, now some Rottaler board strategists began to overstretch their positions. Ingo Walch (board 7) quickly gained space advantage. After a basically correct, but badly timed pawn breakthrough, he was worse and subsequently lost (1.5:3.5).
Patrick Bensch's (board 3) bishop got caught in a pin. The bishop and the game were beyond saving (1.5:4.5).
Klaus Schwarzmeier (board 4) got a nice French blockade and even the initiative on the kingside. Schwarzmeier declined a likely move repetition, but in time trouble lost the thread and had to resign (1.5:5.5).
In the longest game of the day, Martin Riediger had to muster the hardest sitzfleisch. Shortly after the time control, he was an exchange up. Winning possibilities showed up, Riediger chose an obvious move. After that, his opponent could force the draw with a piece sacrifice (2.0:6.0).
In top player Martin Riediger's opinion, the defeat itself and the result were avoidable. The team missed some promising chances, while the Unterhachingers consistently exploited the opportunities that were offered to them.
In the next round on the 3rd of February, a similar mishap should be avoided against league leaders TSV Trostberg. At the home game in the FarmFacts building (Rennbahnstraße 7), the clocks for the sixth round are started at 10 o'clock.
In the fifth round of the Niederbayernliga, the second team suffered a 1.5:6.5 defeat against championship leaders FC Ergolding. Playing with the black pieces at the first board, team leader Klaus Wiedmann happily reached a draw against Fide Master Stefan Mooser. Norbert Frühauf (board 2) and Harald Seelentag (board 8) achieved the further two draws. Despite the defeat, the team remains in third place.
SC Rottal-Inn II - FC Ergolding 1.5:6.5: Klaus Wiedmann - FM Stefan Mooser ½: ½, Norbert Frühauf - Daniel Lichtmannecker ½: ½, Andreas Nöhbauer - Nikolas Mooser 0:1, Wolfgang Söder - Sebastian Astner 0:1, Anto Deno - Erich Kreilinger 0:1, Andreas Klinge - Vladimir Simin 0:1, Josef König - Ronald Kühne 0:1, Harald Seelentag - Maria Kühne ½: ½.
In the fifth round of the Bezirksligs West, chess club Rottal-Inn's third team won 5:3 at the JVA Straubing. Andreas Putz (board 3), Christian Putz (board 5) and Andreas Jungwirth (board 8) contributed a full point. Georg Putz (board 2), Stefan Jungwirth (board 4) and Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rueß (board 6) drew their games. The team is in fifth place.
JVA Straubing - SC Rottal-Inn III 3:5: Jürgen H. - Georg Putz ½: ½, Günter G. - Georg Putz ½: ½, Karlheinz G. - Andreas Putz 0:1, Bozidar S. - Stefan Jungwirth ½: ½, Andreas M. - Christian Putz 0:1, Andrei K. - Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rueß ½: ½, Michael K. - Franz Gisnapp 1:0, Sascha K. - Andreas Jungwirth 0:1.
In the Kreisklasse West, SC Rottal-Inn IV and SK Landshut II split the points with a 2:2 draw. Andreas Erhardsberger won his game at board 3, Konrad Maier (board 1) and Werner Decker (board 2) drew. The team is in second place.
SK Landshut II - SC Rottal-Inn IV 2: 2: Enno Uhl - Konrad Maier ½: ½, Herbert Schuster - Werner Decker ½: ½, Robert Weindl - Andreas Erhardsberger 0:1, Johann Vogl - Giovanni Migliore 1:0


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