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The first team of the SC Rottal-Inn escaped against the second last Unterhaching in a happy 4.0:4.0 draw. Klaus Schwarzmeier (board 3) and Hans Wagner (board 4) reached balanced positions after the opening, in which none of the players saw any advantages for themselves. The two games ended in a draw (1.0:1.0). Andreas Wahrlich (board 5) countered as black with the Alekhine defense and saw himself under pressure against the pair of bishops. An attempt to relieve the pressure by means of a pawn sacrifice was not successful and the game could not be saved (1.0:2.0). Playing with the white pieces, Ingo Walch (board 6) sacrificed a pawn for active play in the Slav Gambit. After the initiative petered out, his opponent could consolidate decisively. This game was also lost (1.0:3.0). In a tactical game, Patrick Bensch (board 2) - like his counterpart - missed several chances to obtain a great advantage. Later, Bensch was able to liquidate into an endgame with two minor pieces against a rook. So he reduced the gap to 2.0:3.0. Roland Posch (board 8) played a strong game and converted his opening advantage in an extra exchange. In the later course, he sacrificed the rook back against a minor piece to reach a better rook endgame. He thus equalized to 3.0:3.0.Martin Riediger (board 1) acted solidly with the French defense. Only zeitnot endangered his game, which resulted in a draw by move repetition after reaching the time control in a minor piece endgame (3.5:3.5). Karl-Heinz Jergler (board 7) - atypical for him - blundered a pawn in a simple way. He did not resign, showed fighting spirit to the rook endgame and was rewarded with a draw. Hereby, the team achieved also a 4.0:4.0 draw.
With 5:5 team points, the SC Rottal is in fifth place. The season could still be tight, the flattering draw against Unterhaching could prove necessary. The remaining matches will not be easy. The Rottal board strategists still have to compete against Munich clubs four times, including the top three. On February 9, the SC Rottal-Inn will play the second team of the MSA Zugzwang at the Munich Chess Academy.
In the Niederbayernliga, the second Rottal team lost 3:5 to SC Straubing. Anto Deno on board 6 was the only one in the squad to score a full point against Martin Pissinger. Gerhard Spiesberger (board 1), Klaus Wiedmann (board 2) and Andreas Nöhbauer (board 3) and Wolfgang Söder (board 5) drew.
On the last matchday of the Bezirksliga West, the third team lost 2.5:5.5 to FC Ergolding 2 and finished the 2019/20 season in fourth and second last place in this league. Victories by Ernst Putz (board 2) and Andreas Jungwirth (board 8) and a draw by Stefan Jungwirht (board 5) were not enough to score a team point.

Rottal-Inn 4 back on the road of success

In the Kreisklasse West, Chess Club Rottal-Inn's fourth team returned to the road of success by a 2.5:1.5 victory against SK Landshut 2. After the previous 1:3 loss to SV Aham, the victory is all the more pleasant since the team could only compete with an incomplete team. Werner Decker quickly won a piece on board 4 against Benedikt Ganslmeier and led the game to victory. Thus, the lead of the Landshuters was equalized. On board 3, Andreas Erhardsberger also scored after winning a piece against Franz-Xaver Westenthanner. On board 1, Konrad Maier was able to equalize his game against Philipp Sadlo despite being a pawn down and lead it to a draw in the endgame.

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